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​Phil Larson has been a critical care nurse since 1997.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University.  He continues to practice nursing in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.  He is a highly regarded and sought-after teacher, mentor, and preceptor who has conducted classes on a variety of topics for nurses and physicians.   

Having shed over 100 pounds and maintained that loss for years, he is uniquely qualified to educate and inspire  folks with chronic obesity.  Phil is a South Dakota native who  moved to Arizona in 1987 and discovered his spirit soon afterwards.

​Phil's passion is optimal wellness.  His personal mission is to educate and inspire millions of people to make positive wellness choices that eliminate obesity and lifestyle disease risks.  

The mission of Optimal Wellness Coach is to provide information and inspiration that helps people make choices and take action to maximize the wellness they experience.

Our vision is to provide high quality products and services that facilitate our mission.

We value extraordinary customer service and stand behind everything we provide to our customers.  We always use our best judgement, which leaves our customers saying, "Wow!  That was awesome customer service."